Why Should You Do Your Next Incentive Awards Program on a Cruise Ship?

Properly structured and administered, Incentive Programs don't cost you money, they make you money through improved performance and productivity and key customer loyalty increasing bottom line profits!

Incentive travel awards programs have proven to be a highly effective method of improving financial performance, productivity, client and employee loyalty and reducing employee turnover. Forward thinking companies who understand the powerful effects of positive discipline reap big benefits from investing in their people. We can help you build and deliver a meaningful, cost-effective incentive program that achieves your objectives within budget.

We specialize in shipboard:

  • Sales Incentive Programs
  • Employee and Independent Contractor Motivation Programs
  • Key Customer Appreciation Programs
  • Dealer Incentive Programs
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Doing your Incentive Awards Program on a cruise ship can be an exciting and prestigious event that your employees or key customers will really look forward to. These have proven to be effective and very popular. Consequently, companies that have done them often repeat the incentive program regularly because they produce such desirable results that are highly beneficial to your company. There are many other great reasons to do your Incentive Program on a Cruise ship. Some of them are:
  • High Value - Reasonable Price. 
When comparing the cost of a cruise to a similar package at a land resort, a cruise is very favorably priced.  The price includes your stateroom, port charges (NCF), taxes and government fees, gourmet meals and snacks in standard dining venues onboard the ship, select non-alcoholic beverages and a wide variety of entertainment options from Broadway style shows, comedians, dance clubs and sports activities. There are many other benefits but what it boils down to is this is a very smart expenditure for your organization.
  • High Participant Satisfaction.
If you are rewarding and recognizing someone for the contributions that helped make you more successful, you want them to feel good about the reward they are given. Cruising enjoys one of the highest satisfaction rates in the leisure travel sphere.  Over 80% of people who cruise for the first time repeat the experience within two years. That means they liked it and there is a very high probability your award recipients will too!
  • It is Perceived as a Meaningful Reward.
Cruising, by its very nature, has a certain amount of glamour and prestige. Your recipients will view it as a special opportunity and be appreciative. Increasing loyalty and commitment to the organization is a positive outcome companies utilizing Incentive Programs on Ships have found.
  • It is Easy to Manage.
We take care of all the details for you so you can devote your time to your primary duties. Because of the inclusive nature of cruising, there are no separate AV or F&B contracts or other punitive provisions where if you don't meet minimums, you get penalized and charged for.  We work to make the process seamless for you so that your staff can devote their time and attention to the work of your organization, not this project.

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