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We have been extensively involved with the cruise industry since 1999. In 2002, we launched our MICE website www.meetingsonships.com. Since that time, we have assisted organizations of all sizes conduct their meetings, conferences, workshops and incentive programs on ships sailing itineraries throughout the world. We know the cruise industry well and our experience helps you have a cost-efficient, cost-effective program that is smooth as clockwork and meets your program and budget objectives. Some of the advantages of using us are:

  • It Does Not Cost You More to Use Us 
We are compensated by the vendor through commissions so there is no separate fee or expense for you to book the cruise*. The price we give you will be the same or lower than the cruise line will give you. They are not going to discount the cruise by the commission amount to you if you book directly, they just keep that savings as extra profit. They have their best interest at heart and all your dealings with them will be centered around what's good for the cruise line. They hope your inexperience will leave money on the table for amenities and other things you may not know to ask for. Booking a large group, particularly an incentive group, is not the same as booking an individual vacation cruise.  We are an independent advocate for you. Our client is you and we do everything we can to get you the most for the money you are spending and to take advantage of every program available to do it. Booking directly with the cruise lines generally means you will be dealing with a large call center and may or may not deal with the same person twice. With us, you know exactly who you will be dealing with and we know how to take care of whatever needs to be done.
  • Experience Counts
We know how to get the most for your money and how to negotiate with the cruise lines to ensure your program is a success. Most importantly, we know the unique differences in the cruise lines and cruise ships to ensure the right one is selected that will best serve the unique characteristics and demographics of your group.

  • Attention to Detail
There are a wide variety of issues related to the Department of Homeland Security and a myriad of other requirements that can be costly or disruptive if not done properly.  Look at it this way, if your group is 100 people for example and you make a $1.00 mistake in the bookings, you have just spent $100 you didn't have to. If you make a $10 mistake, which is not hard to do for the inexperienced or untrained, you are suddenly incurring significant unnecessary expenses. This is all avoidable.  We have sophisticated software and systems coupled with experienced and knowledgeable staff that pay close attention to detail so we protect your interest.

*We do offer special optional fee-based services such as a unique event website for your program with online registration and booking and site management at a nominal fee but again, those are strictly optional to you. We also bill our expenses for escorting your group to ensure everything goes exactly as planned on the ship and if there are any problems or issues to fix it so you don't have to worry about it. 

CEALS - Incentive Programs on Ships is part of the Business and Association Services Division of CEALS (Corporate Events and Leisure Services LLC). We are a Washington State company and a licensed Seller of Travel. We have extensive experience in conducting events in land and sea venues with companies throughout the world. We operate additional focused micro-sites which are:

We pride ourselves on the personal relationships we build with our clients and the high level of service we provide for them. Many of our clients have worked with us for over a decade and their referrals from other companies to us speak of their confidence in our ability to provide top quality service at a fair and reasonable price. 
We're dedicated to providing you with the best service possible and to ensure you have a great event.

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Our number one goal is to make your event an outstanding success. In order to accomplish that, we pay close attention to detail and ensure everything is just perfect. We will be onboard to ensure everything runs seamlessly. In addition, we provide the following services to you:
  • Research & recommend the right ship and destination to meet your business meeting needs and objectives.
  • Negotiate the best rates and amenities to fit your budget.
  • Provide an experienced coordinator who serves as your day-to-day liaison with the cruise line, ground operators, air suppliers, hotel for early arrivals, etc
  • Review and recommend how to adapt your program to a cruise environment and provide unlimited consulting throughout the entire planning period
  • Customize the on-board experience with private events/excursions/parties
  • Develop the written operational plan, event orders, and timelines
  • Anticipate needs, follow up on all details, solve problems, manage database of participants and provide all necessary manifests
  • Coordinate awards, meeting needs. audio visual equipment, port activities and VIP requirements.
  • Create registration forms, invitations and other communication pieces
  • Provide professional staff aboard ship to ensure smooth event management.
  • Implement the program aboard ship (in conjunction with you and your team)
  • Monitor budget and financial reconciliation at end of program
  • Provide additional support including room gifts, signage, name badges, pier decor, gift baskets, logo items, and much, much more!

Our job isn't done until you are completely satisfied with your experience!

Experience counts. CEALS has the experience and knowledge to help you create a top-quality business meeting, conference or workshop on a cruise ship.

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